Company History

JF Charlton & Co. was established 41 years ago when John Charlton, who at the time was a part owner of a haulage company, came across an early version of a potato bulker in a factory.  With an educational background in agricultural engineering John quickly realised that he could greatly improve upon the design, and so he purchased a small factory near Thirsk and began manufacturing his first potato bulkers.


John's designs quickly proved popular within the industry, including with the company whose potato bulker was the source of his initial inspiration.


Over the intervening years the company has continued to expand, and now operates out of a 5 acre site.


John stepped down from the day to day management of the company a decade ago, allowing his son Chris to take over.  


Chris graduated from Northumbria University with a B.Eng. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and a HND in Mechanical Engineering, and has since put his academic learnings to good use by continuing to evolve the products we offer.

John Charlton, c.1980
Chris Charlton
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