Environmental Impact

As with all engineering companies the manufacturing of our products involves the consumption of energy, and the use of products which can have a detrimental impact on the environment.


Wherever possible we strive to mitigate the negative and enhance the positive outcomes we generate.

Solar Panels

Our solar panels were installed a number of years ago, and generate enough electricity to offset a good proportion of our total consumption.

Wood Burner

A further effort to minimise our fuel consumption has been to install a wood burner to produce heating for the factory.


We use offcuts of wood panels, and discarded cardboard packaging as fuel.  This ensures that we need never buy in fuel for the wood burner.


Our paint shed is fully filtered and VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant.


In addition we chose to invest in an electrostatic paint gun, which ensures that over 95% of the paint sprayed actually hits its target, covering a wider area more evenly than traditional spray guns.


The plywood we buy in is always FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) marked, which means that our Scandinavian suppliers adhere to the FSC's principles of forest stewardship.


We have planted over 1,500 native hedging plants around the perimeter, and a 0.5 acre wood at the rear of our site.


This has ensured that the factory is screened effectively from the surrounding countryside, plus it has allowed wildlife to flourish.

Local Suppliers

Whilst commercial sensitivities prevent us from being more explicit, wherever possible we are proud to choose local suppliers for our components.  


This helps reduce our carbon footprint.

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