Our bulkers designs are customer driven;




Standard length is 40ft, but this can be tailored to individual requirements.


Cubic Capacity

Standard cubic capacity is around 38m, but this can be increased depending upon specific bulker design and the construction materials used.


Insulated / Standard Panels

  • Standard Panels - FSC marked wood panels, sourced from Scandinavia, with a birch core and phenol coated to provide a long-lasting and durable finish.
  • Insulated Panels - One piece, lightweight, fully washable GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) panels laid over a honeycomb, polymeric core.


Manual / Self Emptying

  • Manual Emptying - The operator is required to climb into the bulker and remove floor panels to empty the load.
  • Self Emptying - The interior is designed to allow the load to empty without requiring entry into the bulker.  (The type of load being transported will determine the height of the opening.)


Paint Finish

​All of our bulkers are sprayed with anti-corrosive primer, followed by a choice of finish;

  • Standard - Single pack paint used on non-insulated bulkers.
  • 2-Pack - An optional extra on insulated bulkers.  Resins are added to the paint to give the bulker a brighter, longer lasting, and more durable finish.



We source our motors from Germany.  They have a user-controlled, variable speed gearbox which allows the operator to gain a high degree of control whilst emptying loads.



We have been sourcing our vulcanised rubber belts from the same local firm for over 25 years. Certain non-standard crops (e.g. coffee beans) may require a PVC belt.



Our bulkers are designed to be fastened to trailers fitted with retractable twist-locks.



All of our bulkers come with a Dawbarn & Sons tarpaulin as standard.  Dawbarn's are a Lincolnshire supplier whom we have been using for the past 20 years or more.  Customers select their colour and whether insulation is required.


We can build articulated trailers in any length (40ft is standard).


All trailers come with an MOT certificate.

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